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Garden Overview Rocky Mountain Budokan, Inc, formerly Mountain States Karate Association, was founded in 1965 by Mr. Hideki Iwakabe (Shotokan Karate - 8th Dan, Kendo - 5th Dan, Iaido - 6th Dan). It is the first and oldest Karate school in the city of Englewood and the first Kendo and Iaido school in Colorado. The customs and formalities during all classes are upheld in the ancient Japanese traditions.

The DOJO (school) offers classes in SHOTOKAN KARATE, KENDO (Japanese Fencing), and IAIDO (Art of Sword Drawing). It also offers special programs throughout the year including:

    • Karate Instructor's Institute
    • Karate Summer Camp
    • Kendo Summer Camp
    • Iaido Summer Camp
    • Annual Martial Arts (Karate, Kendo, Iaido) Tournament
    • End-of-Year Special (Karate, Kendo) Training
    • Special Seminars (Kobudo, Kata)

Photos of karate camps, iaido, and kendo students may be seen in our photo gallery.

Japanese scenic